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About Us

Established: 1962
Location: 1401 High School Drive
Grades Served: 9-12
History: Just after second semester was underway in 1962, sophomores, juniors and seniors at Bellevue Junior/Senior High School, located at what is now Mission Middle School, prepared to move to a new high school, which was then called Bellevue Senior High School. The three story building housed all students until the second and third phases and the gymnasium were completed with two outdoor courtyards in 1963. A decade later an auditorium and a swimming pool were added. The auditorium is the largest auditorium for the Bellevue/Offutt Community. The indoor swimming pool was Bellevue’s first. Many other major additions and remodeling continued for the next 42 years. In 1977, Bellevue Senior High School was divided to create the present Bellevue East and Bellevue West High Schools.
School Mascot: Bellevue East Chieftains
School Colors: Purple, White and Silver
School Purpose: Bellevue East High School will achieve excellence by establishing and maintaining high expectations.
Principal: Jeff Wagner

Project Summary

  • HVAC Renovation/Upgrades
  • Roof Replacement (North Gym)
  • Exterior Lighting Upgrades
  • Pool Plaster Refinishing

Project Timeline

  • Roof Replacement (North Gym)

  • Anticipated Start of HVAC Renovation/Upgrades, Exterior Lighting Upgrades, Pool Plaster Refinishing

  • Anticipated Completion Roof Replacement (North Gym)

  • Anticipated Completion of Pool Plaster Refinishing

  • Anticipated Completion of HVAC Renovation/Upgrades, Exterior Lighting Upgrades

Last Update: January 21, 2018

Project Notes

May 8, 2018 – Bellevue East

Pool Maintenance Project
The Bellevue School Board approved at the May 2018 Board meeting a contract with Trophy Construction to complete miscellaneous maintenance work within the pool area at Bellevue East. The scope of work will include refinishing of the pool finishes, installation of new starting blocks, installation of handrails in the seating areas, installation of slip-resistant flooring in the spectator walk areas, and miscellaneous pool equipment modifications. It is anticipated that the work with this project will be completed by August 2018.

May 8, 2018 – Bellevue East

Roof Projects
The Bellevue School Board has awarded a Contract to 10 Men Roofing, Inc. to complete the replacement of the existing roof system over the North Gym area at Bellevue East. Work on the project was started in early April and the roofing work for this building wing has been completed.

Bids have been received on two other roof projects at Bellevue East. The existing roof over the main gym area is scheduled to be replaced in the summer of 2018 and will be completed by Bradco Company. Another project includes multiple roof sections that will be heavily tied to the concurrent HVAC project. A number of new rooftop units and pieces of mechanical equipment will be placed on the roof and roof areas identified as high priority replacement areas will be replaced in conjunction with the HVAC project. This project has been awarded to McCoy Construction Company and work will be completed in 2018 and extending into 2019 and will be coordinated and phased in with the concurrent HVAC project.

May 8, 2018 – Bellevue East

HVAC Project
Bids were received on March 26th, 2018 for the proposed renovation of the heating and cooling systems at Bellevue East High School. Some early previous estimates for the renovation and replacement of the existing system was anticipated to put the cost of the replacement at around $11 million. Bids on the project actually came in much lower than what was anticipated at $8.2 million. The Bellevue School Board voted on April 2nd to proceed with the project and award the project to Lueder Construction Company. Work on the project will begin in late May of 2018 after the end of the school year. The early estimates on the construction timelines puts completion of all of the work sometime in late 2019. Work will be phased through the building during the 2018-2019 school year with the 2018 and 2019 summers focusing on a lot of the major work.

January 2, 2018 – Bellevue East

Advanced Engineering Systems (AES) is continuing with preparation of plans for the planned HVAC renovations and upgrades at Bellevue East High School. It is anticipated that AES will present updated plans to the School/District staff in early January as they proceed with a timetable to have bidding documents available for bidding in March of 2018. The current plan is to replace the existing steam boiler heating and chiller cooling systems currently found within the building with a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system. The decision to proceed with this installation was made after reviewing a number of heating and cooling options where initial costs and long term operating/life cycle costs were weighed between the options. While the initial costs on the installation of this system is substantial, the system provides the most efficiency in terms of energy efficiency and operating/maintenance costs which should provide a substantial savings to the District over the life of the HVAC system and the remaining life of the building. The VRF installation will also provide better individual room temperature control and hopefully a better learning environment within the classrooms. It is anticipated that construction will start in late Spring of 2018 and construction could last for upwards over a two-year time window depending on how the work can be phased during school years. Additional information will be forthcoming as soon as plans are better developed.

The Bellevue School Board has awarded a Contract to 10 Men Roofing, Inc. to complete the replacement of the existing roof system over the North Gym area at Bellevue East. It is anticipated that work on the project will begin in late February or early March once weather conditions permit the start of the work involved with the project.

October 18 – Bellevue East

Advanced Engineering Systems (AES) presented preliminary plans and recommendations at the Bellevue School Board meeting on October 9th for the planned HVAC renovation and upgrade at Bellevue East. After analysis of the building, AES made a recommendation to install a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system in the existing building to replace the existing steam boiler heating and central chiller unit cooling systems currently found within the building. Their recommendation was proposed after reviewing five different HVAC options for the building which took into consideration initial cost, annual maintenance costs, energy efficiency, constructability capabilities while trying to keep the existing school operational, as well as overall life cycle costing based on a 50 year operation. Based on these factors, the proposed VRF system scored the best overall which resulted in the recommendation. Anticipated construction costs for the project will likely exceed what has been initially budgeted for the project, but savings on other projects as well as a higher premium in proceeds from the sale of last round of bond purchases does provide additional dollars that can be applied for the project. The Board voted to direct AES to proceed with the continuation of the design and to move forward to prepare construction bid documents for the proposed work. It is anticipated that the project will be sent out to prospective bidders in late January or early February in hopes of starting construction in late Spring of 2018.

July 31st, 2017 – Bellevue East High School

The Bellevue School Board approved a recommendation to bring Advanced Engineering Systems (AES) to begin studies on the existing HVAC systems at Bellevue East and to prepare recommendations on HVAC upgrades in the building. AES has started the review of the existing systems and it is desired to

have most of their preliminary field observations completed prior to students coming back to school the 2nd week of August. It is anticipated that AES will present preliminary options and recommendations to the District Administration and the Bellevue School Board in early fall of this year.