July 31st, 2017 – LeMay Elementary

The planned work at LeMay Elementary for the life safety and HVAC renovation work is wrapping up this week with the installation of the classroom heating/cooling units in the west wing of the building. The new chiller unit installed at the building is scheduled to go on-line on August 1st with all finish work revolving around the mechanical installation being wrapped up by August 4th. The new fire sprinkler, intercom and wireless technology upgrade work is also nearly complete and will also be fully operational by the start of school on August 10th.


July 31st, 2017 – Leonard Lawrence

The Contract for the roof replacement work at Leonard Lawrence was awarded to 10 Men Roofing and they have been moving hard on the first phases of the roof project. The Contractor has been tackling the removal of most of the roofing on the shingled portion of the project and is anticipating having a majority of the new shingled roof areas completed by August 10th, which is critical since most of the classrooms are located under the shingled areas. Materials for the replacement of the flat roof areas should be arriving on-site the first week of September to allow for start of the work on the flat roof areas. Work on all of the roof areas is scheduled to be completed by the end of October.

July 31st, 2017 – Twin Ridge

Work is full swing for the work scheduled for the renovation work included in the life safety /mechanical update project that is occurring at Twin Ridge. The new chiller is up and running and is cooling the building nicely! Anticipated delivery dates for the new wall mounted fin tube units in all of the classrooms were accelerated slightly so the final heating work should be completed by the first day of school as well. The new fire sprinkler system within the building is completed and the contractor is currently installing the new water main to the building to complete the connection.

July 31st, 2017 – Bertha Barber Elementary School

Work is moving at a fast pace at Bertha Barber in preparation for the upcoming year. Some minor delays in delivery of some pieces of equipment and tight working conditions have slowed the progress of completion slightly at the building, but all is still on track to be operational on the first day of school on August 10th!! But the building is cool with the new chiller running! Final connections are being made for the new fire sprinkler system and will be completed this week. Some minor finish work will remain that first week of school, but all work will be completed after school hours and will not affect students and staff.


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