Work is ongoing with Lueder Construction and the Ray Martin Company on the first phase of construction for the revamping of the heating and cooling systems at Bellevue East High School.  The initial phase of the work involves a number of classrooms towards the east-central core of the building as well as the general shop and industrial arts area of the building.  A significant amount of work will be completed this summer on the $8.2 million project.

Work on the project will be ongoing during the 2018-2019 school year.  Approximately 5 to 6 classrooms will be taken off line with students being relocated in the building during the school year to allow the HVAC renovation work to proceed during the year.  After dismissal of the school year in the Spring of 2019, a significant amount of work will be going on again within the building to try to finish all of the work prior to the start of the 2019-2020 school year.


Roof Projects

A roofing project over the north gym area of Bellevue East was recently completed by 10 Men Roofing, Inc. which replaced the existing roof system over the gym.  A persistent leak in this area accelerated the scheduling of the roof replacement and activities are now being completed in a dry environment.

A larger roof replacement project for the building has been awarded to McCoy Construction for the replacement of various areas of roof systems around the building.  This roofing project is being started in July of 2018 and it is anticipated that some of the roofing work may extend into 2019. Work will be completed in consideration of students that are within the building and will be coordinated accordingly with the school administration.

Pool Maintenance Project
Trophy Construction is continuing work to complete miscellaneous maintenance work within the pool area at Bellevue East.  The scope of work will include refinishing of the pool finishes, installation of new starting blocks, installation of handrails in the seating areas, installation of slip-resistant flooring in the spectator walk areas, and miscellaneous pool equipment modifications.  It is anticipated that the work with this project will be completed by August 2018.


Another separate roof project will be completed in replacement of the roof system over the main competition gym area.  The work on this replacement will start in July 2018 and should be completed around September 1st(weather dependent).