October 14, 2019 – Bellevue East High School

Bellevue East High School – HVAC Project
The work involving the new $8.3 million HVAC installation at Bellevue East High School being completed by Lueder Construction is nearing its completion stage. The old steam heating/ chiller cooling system has been replaced with a new Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system which should reduce the energy consumption of the building, provide indoor air quality and greater individual room control for temperatures throughout the building. Minor system adjustment and commissioning of the systems will continue through the Fall of 2019. The project involved a very complex construction phasing plan that was planned with the school administration to keep work ongoing through the 2018-2019 school year to help accelerate the completion of the project.

Bellevue East High School HVAC Project Bellevue East High School HVAC Project

Bellevue East High School Roof Projects
In a previous roof study completed for the Bellevue School District, a significant portion of the existing roof areas at Bellevue East was identified as being in critical need of repair/replacement. A significant amount of the identified roof area was replaced by McCoy Roofing over the past year in conjunction with the concurrent HVAC renovation project.

Another separate roof project is currently being completed over the main gym area of the building by Bradco Roofing Co. The bulk of the roofing system work is completed and final trim work should be completed by the end of October 2019.

Bellevue East Pool Maintenance Project
Work was completed on some miscellaneous maintenance work within the pool area at Bellevue East. The scope of work included refinishing of the pool finishes, installation of new starting blocks, installation of handrails in the seating areas, installation of slip-resistant flooring in the spectator walk areas, and installation of new pool filtration and chemical treatment systems. The new pool filter/treatment systems is anticipated to save money on the amount of chemicals used in the water treatment as well as a significant reduction of the amount of water usage with the new water treatment system due to the reduced amount of water flushing required.

Bellevue East Pool Maintenance  Bellevue East Pool Maintenance

Bellevue East Track/ Baseball Field
Renovations were completed in 2019 for the track at Bellevue East. The existing rubber surfacing at the track was at the end of its life expectancy and is starting to deteriorate. The existing rubber surfacing was removed and replaced with a new black crumb rubber running surface.

New lights were also installed at the football field. These new LED lights improve the lighting aspects on the field and will also reduce the energy used for lighting for the various activities. The lights also come with a 25-year warranty where the lighting manufacturer will take care of any issues that happen during the warranty period which will provide additional savings to the District due to reduced maintenance costs.

Bellevue East Track Bellevue East Track

The District is also moving forward with the replacement of the existing lights at Roddy Field on the Bellevue East campus. It was determined in an inspection of the existing lights earlier in 2019 that the existing wood poles were rapidly deteriorating and was starting to pose safety concerns. The installation work for the poles will be starting in mid-October 2019 and is anticipated being completed by the end of November 2019.