Advanced Engineering Systems (AES) is continuing with preparation of plans for the planned HVAC renovations and upgrades at Bellevue East High School. It is anticipated that AES will present updated plans to the School/District staff in early January as they proceed with a timetable to have bidding documents available for bidding in March of 2018. The current plan is to replace the existing steam boiler heating and chiller cooling systems currently found within the building with a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system. The decision to proceed with this installation was made after reviewing a number of heating and cooling options where initial costs and long term operating/life cycle costs were weighed between the options. While the initial costs on the installation of this system is substantial, the system provides the most efficiency in terms of energy efficiency and operating/maintenance costs which should provide a substantial savings to the District over the life of the HVAC system and the remaining life of the building. The VRF installation will also provide better individual room temperature control and hopefully a better learning environment within the classrooms. It is anticipated that construction will start in late Spring of 2018 and construction could last for upwards over a two-year time window depending on how the work can be phased during school years. Additional information will be forthcoming as soon as plans are better developed.

The Bellevue School Board has awarded a Contract to 10 Men Roofing, Inc. to complete the replacement of the existing roof system over the North Gym area at Bellevue East. It is anticipated that work on the project will begin in late February or early March once weather conditions permit the start of the work involved with the project.