October 14, 2019 – Lied Activity Center

Work is currently ongoing on renovation of the pool area at the Lied Activity Center. Due to accelerated deterioration, the gutter system for the pool is being replaced as well as the deck drain system that has experienced breakage in the deck drain grilles. It is anticipated that the bulk of the work in the pool area will be completed in early November 2019.

Lied Activity Center Lied Activity Center

Also part of the pool renovation is the renovation/upgrade of the pool filtration equipment. The existing sand filter system is being upgraded to an electronic media filter system, and the existing chlorine water treatment system is being replaced with a new UV treatment system. The change out to the new electronic media filter system will provide a higher level of filtration and will actually provide a reduction of water usage due to the reduced backflushing of the pool system. Also, the new UV water treatment system will provide a higher level of water quality with the reduction in the usage of pool chemicals. It is anticipated that the combined reduced water and chemical usage will result in considerable operational savings to the District for the pool.