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Bond Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes Bellevue, Nebraska
Official Minutes February 22, 2024

Attendance Others In Attendance
John Carozza Jeff Rippe
Sharon Hammarlund Ralph Gladbach
Jim Hawkins Greg Boettger
Mike Parker (Zoom)
Thomas Birk (Z00m)
Not in Attendance:
Bill Baldwin
Mike Hall

The meeting began at 5:30 p.m. at the BPS Welcome Center with a few Committee members joining via Zoom.

Pay Requests – The following pay request will be submitted for approval at the March 4th Board of Education meeting.

  • Fort Crook Chiller (Grunwald Mechanical):  $103,109.76

Mission 2021 Roof – Mr. Gladbach shared that Crawford Roofing has completed the roof projectat Mission, along with the final warranty being issued. The minor damage caused from the equipment to the sidewalks at Mission has been repaired.

Fort Crook Chiller – After a delay in production, Grunwald Mechanical has received the chiller for Fort Crook. The chiller will be installed and working for the upcoming school year.

Fort Crook Life/Safety – Mr. Gladbach reported the contractor is waiting for materials to arrive to complete the elevator upgrade at Fort Crook.

Frank Kumor Career Center – Mr. Gladbach shared the demolition for the BPS Foundation office space and additional classrooms at the Frank Kumor Career Center has begun. Construction for those areas will begin in the next few weeks, with the anticipated completion by August 1st The external work also will begin soon. With the new Aviation program starting for the 2024-25 school year, the classroom is scheduled to be completed by July so equipment can be moved in.

Greg Boettger reported once bids are received for technology and safety/security for the Career Center, they will be presented to the Committee. The bids are anticipated to be presented to the Board at the April or May board meeting for approval.

Dr. Rippe shared once the work is completed at the Frank Kumor Career Center, the district will hold an open house/dedication ceremony.

Bellevue West Auditorium – Mr. Gladbach reported on February 20th the district received 11 bids for the construction of the new auditorium at Bellevue West. After reviewing the bids, the contractor with the lowest bid declined the project due to inaccuracies with the bid that wasubmitted. Mr. Gladbach and the district administrators will review other bids and complete due diligence before granting the project to the contractor. Mr. Gladbach will update the Committee prior to the bid being presented to the Board at the March 4th board meeting for approval. The anticipated completion of the auditorium is the start of the 2025 school year.

Mr. Gladbach reviewed with the Committee the bond expenditure report.

With the Bellevue West auditorium being the last bond project, the Committee discussed next steps in their role.

The Committee adjourned the meeting at 5:57 p.m.

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