October 14, 2019 – Logan Fontenelle Middle School

Work was recently completed for roof replacement of some significant areas of roofing at Logan Fontenelle that were identified as areas in poor condition.

Logan Fontenelle Middle School Logan Fontenelle Middle School

HVAC System Update: Replacement of miscellaneous mechanical equipment within the building in 2019 was delayed to 2020 due to potential delivery and installation issues within the Summer of 2019. Plans will be prepared and bids received by the end of 2019 to allow the work to begin in May of 2020.

Work was completed over the Summer of 2019 on the full replacement of the existing running track at Mission Middle School. The previous asphalt track was in very poor condition and was removed down to grade. A new asphalt track system was installed in its place.

Logan Fontenelle Middle School