Bond Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes Bellevue, Nebraska
Official Minutes October 25, 2023

Attendance Others In Attendance
John Carozza Jeff Rippe
Sharon Hammarlund Ralph Gladbach
Mike Hall Greg Boettger
Mike Parker
Not in Attendance:
Bill Baldwin
Thomas Birk
Jim Hawkins

The meeting began at 5:30 p.m. at the Frank Kumor Career Center.

Pay Requests – The following pay request will be submitted for approval at the November 6th Board of Education meeting.

  • Fort Crook Life/Safety (Cheever):  $46,653.40

Mission 2021 Roof – Mr. Gladbach shared that Crawford Roofing has completed the roof project at Mission, along with the final warranty being issued. There was minor damage from the equipment to the sidewalks at Mission. The district is working with the contractor to have the concrete repaired. Finally, Mr. Gladbach is working with Crawford Roofing to close out the billing of the project.

Fort Crook Life Safety – Cheever Construction had a delay in receiving a few of the materials to have the project completed before the start of the school year, but was able to improvise until the arrival. Also, due to supply chain issues the light fixtures were delayed. Once received, DC Electric was able to work on the weekends to complete the project. Overall, Mr. Gladbach is very satisfied with the work.

Fort Crook Chiller – Grunwald Mechanical has been receiving materials for the chiller at Fort Crook. Mr. Gladbach is waiting for the final confirmation as to when the chiller will arrive. The installation of the chiller is tentatively scheduled for early 2024.

Bellevue West Boiler – There was a delay in the manufacturer’s start-up of the boiler for Bellevue West. The boiler startup was completed in early September with the final warranty being issued.

Mission Fire/Sprinkler – DC Electric is waiting to receive all the materials before the project will be started on the fire/sprinkler system at Mission. Mr. Gladbach and the contractor will work with the administration to create a block schedule for when the project can be completed with minimal impact to student learning.

Frank Kumor Career Center – Mr. Gladbach shared the district will be receiving bids on October 31st for the completion of the front entrance, the office space for the BPS Foundation and additional classroom space at the Frank Kumor Career Center. This project will be bid as all one package. There were numerous general contractors that attended the pre-bid meeting that took place. Once the bids are received, they will be shared with the Committee and presented to the Board for approval at the November 6th board meeting.

Dr. Rippe shared that the district has been awarded a two-million-dollar grant from the Department of Defense Educational Activities (DoDEA) to implement Operation Taking Flight. The grant focuses on improving math achievement and initiating a new aviation program at the Frank Kumor Career Center. The aviation program will begin for the start of the 2024 school year. Mr. Gladbach reviewed with the Committee the plans of the Career Center. Mr. Greg Boettger shared with the Committee separate bids will be taken for painting, audio visual, safety/security and technology to be completed at the Career Center. Once received, the bids will be shared with the Committee before being presented to the Board for approval.

Food Service – Mary Hansen has solicited bids from three different vendors for the purchase of new food service equipment for buildings throughout the district. The low bid received was from Buller in the amount of $121,930.56. The Board will be asked to approve the purchase at the November 6th board meeting.

Mr. Boettger will update the bond financials and share them with the Committee.

The Committee adjourned the meeting at 6:17 p.m. The next meeting is undetermined at this time.

Board Secretary, Tricia Richards