Bond Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes Bellevue, Nebraska
Official Minutes January 16, 2020

Attendance Others In Attendance
Bill Baldwin Jeff Rippe
Thomas Birk Ralph Gladbach
John Carozza Robert Moore
Sharon Hammerlund Greg Boettger
Jim Hawkins Doug Cook
Doug Yenzer
Not in Attendance:
Mike Hall

The meeting began at 6:00 p.m. at the Lied Activity Center.

Technology Update – Greg Boettger, Director of Facilities and Technology shared with the Committee
the bid from Control Temperature for the pre-purchase of two boilers for Two Springs and two boilers for
Leonard Lawrence. The Board will be asked to accept the bid at the February 3rd Board meeting. Also, the
installation cost of the boilers will be presented at a later date.

Safety and Security – Mr. Boettger did not have any updates at this time. Task orders for the upcoming
2020 projects will be presented to the Board for approval at the February 3rd Board of Education meeting.

Pay Requests – There were not any pay requested submitted for approval at the February 3rd Board of
Education meeting.

Bellevue East Main Gym Roof – Mr. Gladbach continues to wait for to receive the final warranty
information from Bradco Company prior to the final project closeout.

Bellevue East Main Roof – The contractor is currently installing the smoke vents. Once installed the
inspector will issue the warranty for the roof area over the auditorium.

Bellevue East HVAC – Mr. Gladbach met with Lueder Construction, along with the other contractors to
identify a few minor items to be completed. The majority of the work was completed over winter break.
The commissioning agent also continues to monitor the balancing of the system.

Belleaire, Birchcrest, Central Projects – There were miscellaneous items that needed to be completed in
all three of the buildings. The majority of these items were completed over winter break. These projects
are anticipated to be closed out in the next few weeks.

Central and Bellaire Roof Projects – 10 Men Roofing has completed the roof work on both buildings and
the final warranty has been issued. This project has been closed out.

Lied Activity Center Pool – The replacement of the pool deck has been completed, along with painting
the pool and pool surface. The state inspection has been completed and the pool is in full use.

Bellevue East Baseball Stadium Lights – Mr. Boettger reported the poles are set at the baseball stadium
and OPPD will be installing the new transformer. The cost of the upgraded transfer will be covered by
OPPD. Also, the project is anticipated to be completed by March 1st for the start of the baseball season.

Bellevue East Water Heater – Mr. Gladbach shared the old boiler system at Bellevue East have been
removed and the new water heaters were installed over the winter break. The contractor has activated the
water heaters.

2020 Projects – Mr. Gladbach continues to work on plans for Two Springs, Leonard Lawrence, and Wake
Robin for the building projects during the summer of 2020. Plans will be released and bid openings will
take place prior to the Bond Oversight Committee meeting on February 20th.

Bellevue West Partial Roof Project – Mr. Gladbach met with contractors and building administration to
create a schedule that will have minimal impact to students. Also, they have established the priority and
high use areas. Work will begin in April with anticipated completion date to be approximately October,
2020. The contractor will be using the north parking lot by the baseball stadium as a staging area.

Two Springs and Fairview – The preparation work for the new chillers at Two Springs and Fairview was
completed over winter break. The manufacture Trane expects delivery of the chillers by early February
with expected completion of the project by April 1st.

Logan Fontenelle HVAC Project – Mr. Gladbach received two bids for the HVAC project at Logan
Fontenelle. The Board will be asked to accept the bid from Ray Martin in the amount of $1,189,000 at the
February 3rd Board of Education meeting.

Logan Fontenelle Fire Sprinkler – Mr. Gladbach received four bids for the install of the new fire/sprinkler
system at Logan Fontenelle. The bid from General Fire and Safety in the amount of $219,000 will be
presented at the February 3rd Board of Education meeting for approval.

CTE Building and Storage Unit – Mr. Gladbach shared the plans for the automotive area will be released
for bid at the end of January. With bid opening taking place on February 20th. The bids will be presented
to the Oversight Committee at the meeting that evening. Also, the district is working with partners to secure
funding for equipment and support of the program.

OPPD Rebates – Mr. Gladbach shared there have not been any updates from OPPD. The applications for
the HVAC projects at Belleaire, Birchcrest and Central are in the process of being submitted for the 2019
OPPD rebates.

Website Review – Mr. Gladbach will follow up on The BPS Bond website to make sure the web designer
has current reporting. The website will be updated.

The Committee adjourned the meeting at 6:55 p.m. The next meeting will be January 20th at Two Springs. After the meeting Mr. Gladbach, gave a tour of the pool renovations and equipment room at the Lied Activity Center to the Committee members.

Board Secretary, Tricia Richards