Bond Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes Bellevue, Nebraska
Official Minutes March 24, 2022

Attendance Others In Attendance
Thomas Birk Jeff Rippe
John Carozza Ralph Gladbach
Mike Hall Greg Boettger
Jim Hawkins Amanda Oliver
Mike Parker
Not in Attendance:
Bill Baldwin

The meeting began at 5:30 p.m. via Zoom.

Pay Requests – The following pay request will be submitted for approval at the April 11th Board of Education meeting.

  • Bellevue West Roof (Bradco) $67,202.40

Bellevue West Auditorium HVAC – At the January 10th Board meeting, the Board approved the bid from Ray Martin Co. in the amount of $248,500 for the replacement of the HVAC units in the existing auditorium at Bellevue West. Mr. Gladbach shared the work was anticipated to begin this summer. After speaking with the supplier, due to supply chain issues throughout the country, the equipment won’t be manufactured until October, 2022. The current units that support the auditorium are still usable, but will need to have adjustments made to them to keep them working until the new units can be installed. Over the next few months, Mr. Gladbach will be waiting for additional information on the new units.

2021 Roof Projects –

Bellevue West Roof Replacement – Mr. Gladbach shared the majority of the final punch list has been completed. The project is anticipated to be finished by mid-April.

Bellevue East – Mr. Gladbach shared the contractor ordered the materials and anticipates them to arrive by mid-May with work beginning in June. Mr. Gladbach will continue to communicate with the contractor and administration on a time table for the project once materials are received.

Mission – Crawford Roofing continues work on the roof project at Mission. The contractor only has the south wing to complete. The project is anticipated to be completed by the end of April, weather permitting.

Fairview – At the March 7th Board meeting, the Board approved GP Architecture to create the RFP and solicit bids for the fire alarm, P/A system and boiler to be replaced at Fairview. Mr. Gladbach held a pre-construction meeting at which time it was determined the project will be broken into two separate projects. Bids will be received on March 31st. Mr. Gladbach will share the bids with the Oversight Committee prior to presenting the recommendation at the April 11th Board meeting for approval. At this time, Mr. Gladbach is unsure if there will be any issues receiving the new boiler, which doesn’t need to be operational until October. Mr. Gladbach will work with the contractor and building administration on scheduling, so the project can be completed in a timely manner.

Frank Kumor Career Center – Mr. Gladbach has worked with the district on a conceptual design for the front entry of the Frank Kumor Career Center. This would make the building flow with the other buildings on the campus. Mr. Gladbach shared a preliminary design with the Committee. Also, at the December 6, 2021 Board meeting, the Board approved numerous bids for projects to be completed to expand the Health Science program, along with adding a new Education program classroom at the Frank Kumor Career Center. Mr. Gladbach reviewed the projects that will be completed, along with requirements needed to be compliant for the main floor area.

Dr. Rippe shared the Frank Kumor Career Center has an Automobile Program, Health Science Program and will be starting an Education Program in the Fall 2022. The district continues to meet with organizations for future career programs to be added.

Bellevue East Media Center – Greg Boettger, Director of Facilities and Technology shared the media center at Bellevue East will be remodeled. At the April 11th Board meeting, the Board will be asked to approve the bid from Steve’s Floor Coverings in the amount of $35,000 for the replacement of the carpet and flooring in the media center. As part of the remodel the circulation desk will be redesigned, there will be additional seating, along with taking out the old radiators that no longer are in use. The Board will be asked to approve the district not to exceed $10,000 in additional funds for materials and labor for the remodel. Work will begin in June and will not impact summer school.

Safety/Security – There were not any updates on Safety/Security.

Technology – There were not any updates on technology.

Transportation – There were not any updates for Transportation.

The Committee adjourned the meeting at 6:20 p.m. The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for May 19, 2022. Mr. Gladbach will provide and updated expenditure report to the Oversight Committee.

Board Secretary, Tricia Richards