Bond Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes Bellevue, Nebraska
Official Minutes June 18, 2020

Attendance Others In Attendance
Thomas Birk Jeff Rippe
John Carozza Ralph Gladbach
Mike Hall Robert Moore
Jim Hawkins Greg Boettger
Mike Parker
Doug Yenzer
Not in Attendance:
Bill Baldwin

The meeting began at 6:00 p.m. via Zoom.

Dr. Rippe gave a brief update on the BPS extended closure due to the COVD-19 virus.

Safety/Security and Technology Update – Greg Boettger, Director of Facilities and Technology shared
the bid for wireless technology, along with safety/security related to the Career and Technical Education
automotive program will be presented to the Board at the June Board meeting.

CTE Building– Work continues to be in progress in the automotive area of the CTE building. The wall
framing is complete with the installation being installed. Also, the rough-in work is being finished.

Mr. Boettger shared the lifts for the automotive program have been ordered and are anticipated to arrive by
the end of July.

Also, at the June, 2020 Board meeting the cost will be presented to the Board for the purchase of the
instructional tools for the automotive program. There are multiple vendors that will be used to purchase
the tools. Dr. Robert Moore and Brad Stueve have been working with businesses on donations, along with
writing a Perkins Grant that will also help fund the purchase.

Bellevue East Security/Check-in Office – At the May, 2020 Board meeting the bid was approved from
Trophy Construction in the amount of $52,361 to build a new security/check-in office in the vestibule at
Bellevue East. Work should begin on the project within the next 30 days.

Pay Requests – The following pay requests will be submitted for approval at the March 9th Board of
Education meeting.

Wake Robin HVAC (Ray Martin)                                           $3,084.90
Wake Robin Elevator (O’Keefe)                                          $14,374.00
Logan MS Wall Panel (Rife)                                             $1,105.88
Logan MS Elevator (O’Keefe)                                            $14,305.60
East High Gym Roof (Bradco)                                            $6,350.00
Belleaire Elementary (Mark VII)                                        $66,400.92
Belleaire Elementary (10 Men)                                          $8,200.00
Central Elementary (10 Men)                                            $8,377.00
Fairview/Two Springs Chillers (Mechanical Systems)    $76,247.38

Bellevue East Main Gym Roof – Mr. Gladbach shared the final warranty has been received and Bradco
Company submitted the final pay requests.

Bellevue East Main Roof – The final closeout costs continue to be discussed with the contractor. Should
be completed by the end of June.

Central Projects – Mr. Gladbach shared there are still areas in the building that need to be painted. The
contractor is anticipated to be finished by mid-June.

Belleaire Projects – The are a few final closeout items to be completed for this project. Mr. Gladbach is
working with the contractor who anticipates to be finished by mid-June

Bellevue West Partial Roof Project – Mr. Gladbach shared 10 Men Roofing began work on the partial
roof replacement at Bellevue West in mid-April. The contractor was able to have a second crew help with
the project, which has sped up the process. The original completion date was October, 2020, but with the
additional crew on the project should be completed by August, 2020.

Bellevue West Roof Piping – At the May, 2020 Board meeting the bid from Grunwald Mechanical in the
amount of $45,464 was approved to replace the gas pipe blocking on the roof at Bellevue West. The piping
is the original materials, so the district felt this would be the opportunity to replace the piping supports and
bring it up to current code. Mr. Gladbach shared the contractor has started the process of disconnecting the
two condensing units and the gas branch pipes. The new gas piping support work is anticipated to begin by
the end of May. Also, the air handler units will be reconnected and will be replaced when the auditorium
work is started in 2021. Mr. Gladbach is working with the mechanical engineers for preliminary planning.

Bellevue West Elevator – Mr. Gladbach shared communication with KONE Elevator has been challenging
due to several new project managers. It was communicated that Trophy Construction has started the
construction of the new equipment room and the associated work that will be involve with the new elevator
equipment. Mr. Gladbach will continue have discussions with KONE Elevator on the project.

Two Springs and Fairview – The new chillers at Two Springs and Fairview have been installed and are
in full use. The punch list has been completed and closed out. The final payment for the project has been

Logan Fontenelle HVAC Project – Ray Martin began preliminary work on the HVAC project in April
and is well underway. The contractor is trying to finish up some miscellaneous demolition, rough-in work
and roof curbs prior to the seven new units arriving in mid-July.

Logan Fontenelle Fire Sprinkler – The piping work for the new fire/sprinkler system at Logan Fontenelle
is ongoing. Mr. Gladbach met with building administration and staff to coordinate the moving of furniture
in classrooms, so work can be completed. Classroom work will start on the upper floor and work through
the building. Since the contractor was able to begin the project early, the anticipated completion date will
be prior to the start of the 2020/2021 school year.

Logan Fontenelle Elevator – O’Keefe Elevator completed the on-site field work needed for the upgrade
to the elevator components at Logan Fontenelle. The materials have been ordered, which will bring the
elevator up to ADA code.

Logan Fontenelle Wall Panels – At the April, 2020 Board meeting, the bid was approved from Rife
Construction in the amount of $71,562 for the replacement of some of the wall panels on the building face
at Logan Fontenelle. It was determined the deterioration of the panels was due to water damage. Mr.
Gladbach shared the work has begun to resolve the water damage, along with installing the new panels.
The contractor anticipates the project to be completed by mid-July.

Two Springs HVAC and Life/Safety – At the March, 2020 Board meeting the bid from Ray Martin was
approved in the amount of $1,127,900 for the upgrade of the HVAC and life/safety at Two Springs. Tonight
Mr. Gladbach shared work began early on the building since students were not present. The old boilers
have been removed and new units have been installed, along with the piping work that is ongoing. The fire
sprinkler is going to the City of Bellevue for approval.

Leonard Lawrence HVAC and Life/Safety – At the March, 2020 Board meeting the bid from Ray Martin
in the amount of $993,000 for the HVAC and life/safety upgrades at Leonard Lawrence was approved. The
new boiler install is ongoing and prep work for the replacement in the boiler room continues. The new
chiller will be shipped mid-June.

Wake Robin HVAC Project – At the March 2020, Board meeting the bid from Ray Martin in the amount
of $425,000 was approved for the HVAC upgrades at Wake Robin. Work has begun on the mechanical
system as the contractor is awaiting the arrival of the new chiller unit.

Wake Robin General/Life Safety Project – At the March 2020, Board meeting the bid from Rife
Construction in the amount of $196,998 for the general/life safety project at Wake Robin was approved.
The fire/sprinkler piping design is being completed so work can begin. Also, the materials for the new
entrance have been ordered.

Wake Robin Elevator Upgrade – At the March 2020, Board meeting the bid from O’Keefe elevator was
approved in the amount of $71,870 for the upgrades to the elevators at Wake Robin. The materials should
be arriving to update the controls and to bring both elevators up to ADA code.

Bellevue West Auditorium – At the April, 2020 Board meeting it was approved for GP Architecture to
on-board specialty consultants for the preliminary design work for the Bellevue West Auditorium. The
recommendation was to utilize Peerbolte Creative LLC in the amount of $40,000 for the theatrical design
fee and Avant Acoustics in the amount of $47,000 for the acoustical design work. Both consultants have
agreed to take on the project. Mr. Gladbach met with the administration and instructors at Bellevue West
for feedback on what are high priority needs for the new auditorium. Continued discussion will take place
and a master plan for the area will be created.

Bonds – The original date to sale bonds was delayed due to volatility of the bond market. Dr. Rippe shared
the final $17,000,000 was sold in bonds since the bond market has stabilized. The district once again did
receive premium dollars for the sale.

The Committee adjourned the meeting at 6:57 p.m. The next meeting date on July 16th will be held via
Zoom. Also, the Committee requested a tour of the automotive area at the Career and Technical Education
Building at the beginning of July.

Board Secretary, Tricia Richards