Bond Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes Bellevue, Nebraska
Official Minutes August 19, 2021

Attendance Others In Attendance
Thomas Birk Ralph Gladbach
John Carozza Greg Boettger
Sharon Hammerlund Robert Moore
Jim Hawkins
Mike Parker
Mike Hall
Not in Attendance:
Bill Baldwin

The meeting began at 5:30 p.m. via Zoom.

Pay Requests – The following pay request will be submitted for approval at the September 13th Board of Education meeting.

  • Bellevue West Roof (Bradco) $86,953.50

Mr. Gladbach shared after speaking with Ray Martin Co., the contractor continues to be delayed
in finalizing and submitting the pay requests to close out projects.

Bellevue West Gym HVAC Project – Mr. Gladbach is waiting on the closeout information from
Ray Martin on this project.

Bellevue West Auditorium – On July 22nd the district received three base bids for the Bellevue
West auditorium project. The low bidder was Midwest DCM in the amount of approximately
$16M. Mr. Gladbach is working with the contractor to get a more detailed spreadsheet on how
the cost broke down for the bid submitted. Mr. Gladbach and the district administration continue
discussions on how to proceed with the project. There will be three plans presented during the
September 13th Board meeting to determine if the bid should be accepted, reject the bids and
possibly re-bid at a later date should construction cost drop, or award the project to work with the
low bidder to try to trim costs within the bid to get the project cost down.

Frank Kumor Career Center – The district continues to wait on starting additional projects at
the Frank Kumor Career Center until the Bellevue West auditorium bids are finalized. This will
determine how much funding will be available.

2021 Roof Projects –
Bellevue West – Mr. Gladbach reported there has been delays in the Bellevue West roof project
due to weather. A coordination meeting took place with Bradco to determine a plan on how to get
the project back on schedule. Mr. Gladbach and the project manager from Bradco continue to work
with the school administration for an ongoing phasing plan so there will be minimal impact on
student learning. The contractor anticipates the majority of the roof work will be completed by the
end of September.

Bellevue East – Mr. Gladbach reminded the Committee the district terminated the contract with
Stonebrook Exteriors for the partial roof replacement at Bellevue East. This was due to material
shortages and since pricing could not be guaranteed for the project. Mr. Gladbach has completed
due diligence and found it would be best to re-solicit bids, since there is a long lead time for
delivery of materials. The district will ask for approval at the September 13th Board meeting for
GP Architecture to re-solicit bids for the project. The anticipated start of the project would be
Summer 2022.

CHAP – Mejia Roofing has completed the roof project at CHAP and are in the process of the final
closeout paperwork.

Mission – Crawford Roofing has begun work on small sections of the roof at Mission as the
materials are received. Mr. Gladbach is working with school administration and the contractor on
scheduling work, so there is minimal impact on student learning while school is in session. The
expected completion date is undetermined at this time pending the arrival of materials.

CHAP HVAC – Mr. Gladbach reported the HVAC project at CHAP is complete. At the last
Committee meeting Mr. Gladbach shared the ceiling grid materials were delayed. The materials
were delivered and installed prior to the start of the school year.

Safety/Security – There were not any updates for safety/security.

Technology – There were not any updates on technology.

Transportation – There were not any updates for Transportation.

Rebates – Mr. Gladbach is working with the district to provide additional paperwork requested
from Lamp Rynearson to resubmit the NDEQ rubber rebates for the two high school tracks, along
with the track at Lewis and Clark. Also, Mr. Gladbach will work with AES for the OPPD rebates.

The Committee adjourned the meeting at 6:22 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for September
23rd at 5:30 p.m. via Zoom.

Board Secretary, Tricia Richards