Bond Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes Bellevue, Nebraska
Official Minutes January 17, 2019

Attendance Others In Attendance
Thomas Birk Dr. Jeff Rippe
John Carozza Ralph Gladbach
Sharron Hammerlund Greg Boettger
Jim Hawkins Dr. Robert Moore
Mike Parker Amanda Oliver
Doug Yenzer Doug Cook
Not In Attendance
Bill Baldwin
Mike Hall

The meeting began at 6:00 p.m. at Birchcrest Elementary.

Technology/Security – Greg Boettger, Director of Facilities and Technology reported
the safety/securityat the BPS Support Center and CHAP have been completed. Also, there
are approximately 2500 moreiPads that need to be ordered, which will be broke into two separate orders.

Pay Requests – The following pay requests will be submitted to the Board for approval at the February 4th Board of Education meeting

Betz Elementary (Lueder)                   $77,696.88
Bellevue East High HVAC (Lueder)   $595,440.00

Bertha Barber Roof – Work has been completed except for the final payment.

Bellevue East 2018-19 Roof Projects – The roof over the upper penthouse area and the front entry of the building still need to be completed. Perimeter metal still needs to be installed.

Bellevue East HVAC – Work continues on phase 3 second floor D-wing of the HVAC project. Also, the north end of the band/vocal music wing continues. Mr. Gladbach shared two new permanent classrooms will be added at Bellevue East replacing the Freshman commons. The cost of this project should be received over the next few weeks.

Avery Projects –There was an issue with the boiler at Avery which the manufacturer addressed. Mr. Gladbach will verify the final punch list work has been completed.

Betz Project – The final punch list was completed during the holiday break. Mr. Gladbach is waiting on final paperwork.

Peter Sarpy Project – Mr. Gladbach shared there has been an issue with the rooftop unit at Peter Sarpy. The manufacturer will inspect the unit. All other work has been completed and the final punch list verification has yet to be done.

Bleachers – The replacement of the bleachers at Mission Middle School was completed in December. Logan Fontenelle is scheduled to have the bleacher replacement completed over spring break in March, 2019.

Logan Chiller – There were six bids received on January 10th for the installation of the chiller at Logan Fontenelle. Mr. Boettger reviewed the proposals with the Committee and the lowest bid from Grunwald Mechanics will be presented during the February 4th Board meeting for approval. The chiller should be installed by the beginning of April.

Track Projects – Mr. Gladbach shared that Lamp Rynearson was chosen as the civil engineering group for the repairs/replacement of both high school tracks and the repairs for the three middle school tracks. The engineer has begun work on the preliminary design. Plans are tentatively scheduled to be released for bidding by late February, with bids being brought back to the Bond Oversight Committees to review at the March meeting. The bids will then be presented at the April 8th Board meeting for approval.

Central Project – Dr. Jeff Rippe spoke on behalf of Rich Casey, Transportation Director who was unable
to attend the meeting. Mr. Casey will ask at the December 3rd Board meeting for feedback from the Board on the possibility of purchasing propane buses, which would only be for the smaller buses. If approved, Mr. Casey will solicit bids for both diesel and propane buses to be presented at the January, 2019 Board meeting.

Belleaire Project – The plans for the life safety/HVAC upgrades at Belleaire were released for bidding on January 14th and will be received back on February 12th. This information will be shared with the Bond Oversight Committee at the next meeting and presented for approval at the March Board meeting. It has
been determined the VRF system will be installed at Belleaire. Repairs on the windows will be completed as well.

Birchcrest Projects – The plans for the life safety/HVAC upgrades at Birchcrest will be released for bidding by the end of January and will be received back late February. This information will be shared with the Bond Oversight Committee and presented for approval at the March Board meeting.

Roof Replacements – Mr. Gladbach gave an update on the plans that are being released for bidding for the roof replacements at Belleaire, Central and Logan Fontenelle. Tentatively the bids should be received by mid-February and reviewed with the Bond Oversight Committee prior to asking for approval at the March Board meeting.

Birchcrest Roof Replacement – The plans for the roof replacement work will be released approximately the same time as the HVAC project plans, so work can be coordinated with the contractors.

Logan Fontenelle Project – Mr. Gladbach met with the engineer to discuss the extent of the work that is needed to be completed at Logan Fontenelle. Also, when plans are released a separate line item will be included for the fire sprinkler updates.

Transportation – Mr. Gladbach shared it was approved at the January 7th Board meeting for Mr. Casey, Director of Transportation to order 7 propane SPED buses from Bluebird and 2 white fleet vehicles from Woodhouse Ford Blair and Baxter Ford. The Board asked Mr. Casey to explore the options of propane buses before ordering the 3 large buses that were requested by the district for purchase.

OPPD Rebates – The district was presented the rebates from OPPD in the amount of $7,400 for the heat pump at Peter Sarpy and $5,800 for the heat pump project at Betz. Rebates for Bellevue East will not be considered until the project is completed. The rebates will be deposited back into the bond fund.

Website Review – Mr. Gladbach will update the reports and individual building projects.

The Committee adjourned the meeting at 6:58 p.m. The February 21st Bond Oversight Meeting will be held at Central Elementary.
Mr. Gladbach gave the Committee a tour of Birchcrest to see the work that will be completed the summer of 2019.

Board Secretary, Tricia Richards