Bond Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes Bellevue, Nebraska
Official Minutes October 15, 2020

Attendance Others In Attendance
Thomas Birk Jeff Rippe
John Carozza Ralph Gladbach
Sharon Hammerlund Greg Boettger
Jim Hawkins Rich Casey
Mike Hall
Not in Attendance:
Bill Baldwin
Mike Parker

The meeting began at 5:30 p.m. via Zoom.

Pay Requests – The following pay requests will be submitted for approval at the November 9th Board of Education meeting.

  • Wake Robin General/Life Safety (Rife):     $13,698.83
  • Bellevue West Roof (10 Men):     $25,875.00

Mr. Gladbach reported all projects that Ray Martin Co. have been working on throughout the district will be finalized and closed out by the end of October.

Bellevue West Elevator – Mr. Gladbach reported there is a new project manager from KONE Elevator who is responsible for the Bellevue West elevator project. Mr. Gladbach continues to try and work with KONE Elevator to get the final inspection scheduled with the state elevator inspector.

Logan Fontenelle Fire/Sprinkler – The fire/sprinkler system has been completed at Logan Fontenelle and is fully functioning. Mr. Gladbach shared the final certification for the new system will be completed on October 26th. Also, the contractor will have the closeout on the project completed by the end of October.
Bellevue East Security/Check-in Office – Mr. Boettger reported items that were on backorder for the office project at Bellevue East were received and Prime Communications is finishing up the communications and security.

Bellevue West Auditorium – Meetings continue to take place with the district and the Bellevue West administration for the auditorium project. Mr. Gladbach has met with a local office of a national construction company who has offered to gather construction costs for the project. The district is looking at three different plan options. Once the preliminary construction costs of those options are obtained, they will be presented to small groups which will include Board members. After the information is presented to the small groups, Mr. Gladbach will provide information to the Bond Oversight Committee.

Transportation – Rich Casey, Director of Transportation will ask for approval at the November 9th Board meeting to solicit bids for five new 84 passenger diesel buses to be purchased. Also, an update was given on the propane buses, along with a recap of all buses and white fleet vehicles purchased. Mr. Casey shared the district has been under budget with the purchases of buses and white fleet vehicles.

Rebates – Mr. Gladbach shared that Lamp Rynearson continues to work on the application through the NDEQ for the rubber rebates on the two high school tracks, along with the track at Lewis and Clark. The timetable for awarding the grants is unknown at this time.

2021 Projects – Mr. Gladbach shared there are three HVAC roof top units that serve the main gym area at Bellevue West. Within these units, there are only four compressors that are currently working. These units were originally scheduled to be replaced as part of the auditorium package. The district has decided as a cost savings matter, instead of fixing the roof top units at this time, they would ask for approval at the November 9th Board meeting to replace the units. This would allow for the project to be completed by Spring, 2021 in time for graduation in May, 2021.

LeMay Gym Roof – Greg Boettger, Director of Facilities and Technology shared at the October 5th Board meeting the bid was approved from Mejia Roofing in the amount of $52,000 to complete the roof area over the gym at LeMay. This project is nearly completed.

The Committee adjourned the meeting at 6:07 p.m. The next meeting is November 17th at 5:30 p.m. and will be held via Zoom.

Board Secretary, Tricia Richards