Bond Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes Bellevue, Nebraska
Official Minutes July 26, 2021

Attendance Others In Attendance
Thomas Birk Jeff Rippe
John Carozza Ralph Gladbach
Sharon Hammerlund Greg Boettger
Jim Hawkins Robert Moore
Mike Parker Amanda Oliver
Not in Attendance:
Bill Baldwin
Mike Hall

The meeting began at 5:30 p.m. via Zoom.

Pay Requests – The following pay request will be submitted for approval at the June 7th Board of
Education meeting.
Mission Roof (Crawford)        $190,197.00

Mr. Gladbach continues to have discussions with Ray Martin Co. to finalize five projects and
submit the pay requests.

Bellevue West Gym HVAC Project – Mr. Gladbach is waiting on the closeout information from
Ray Martin on this project.

Bellevue West Auditorium – The Committee was provided an update on the continued challenges
in the industry that are taking place nationwide with materials and the potential cost increase
associated with the materials. There were three base bids received on July 22nd for the auditorium
project. Mr. Gladbach also shared there were three additional bidders interested in the project, but
were unable to obtain bids for framing/drywall contractors, so they did not submit a base bid. The
low bidder was Midwest DCM, with a base bid just under $16M. Last fall Mr. Gladbach worked
with Turner Construction to prepare a budget for the project cost estimates, which was
approximately $13.5M. Mr. Gladbach will continue to work with Midwest DCM to get a more
detailed spreadsheet on how the cost broke out for the bid. It has been determined by Mr. Gladbach
and the administration to delay accepting a bid and presenting to the Board of Education until
further information is received.

Mr. Gladbach also gave an update on the loop in the front of Bellevue West. Work is being done
with a civil engineer to create different options that will be shared with building administration for
feedback. This project would be included as a separate modification package for contractors to
submit bids.

Frank Kumor Career Center – The district continues to wait on starting additional projects at
the Frank Kumor Career Center until the Bellevue West auditorium bids are finalized. This will
determine how much funding will be available.

2021 Roof Projects –
Bellevue West – Mr. Gladbach reported there has been delays in the Bellevue West roof project
due to weather concerns. A coordination meeting took place with Mr. Gladbach and Bradco to
determine a plan on how to get the project back on schedule. The school administration has been
made aware of the work possibly extending into the start of the school year. If this does occur, a
plan is being created to temporarily move classrooms around if needed. The contractor will be
bringing more crews onto the project. Mr. Gladbach will follow up with Bradco to discuss the
progress in the next few weeks.

Bellevue East – Mr. Gladbach shared with the nationwide material shortage there would be a
delay in receiving the materials for the roof project at Bellevue East until the Fall of 2021. A
discussion was held with Stonebrook Exteriors regarding the materials and not being able to hold
the pricing until 2022. It was decided by the district to have the school attorney prepared a
termination letter that all parties agreed upon and was signed by Stonebrook Exterior. Mr.
Gladbach will complete due diligence on the material concern prior to rebidding the project in the
Spring of 2022.

CHAP – Mejia Roofing has completed the roof project at CHAP and are waiting for the final
inspection and roof warranty. There was an issue with one of the roof curbs, so one of the roof top
units for the new HVAC system has not been installed. This will take place over the next few

Mission – Mr. Gladbach shared again with the nationwide material shortage there is a delay in
receiving the roof materials needed for the project at Mission. Some of the materials have arrived,
but continue to get supplies sporadically. After analyzing the materials that have arrived, Crawford
Roofing will start a small section of the roof in the next few weeks. Mr. Gladbach is working with
school administration to create a phasing schedule for floating classrooms while the roof is being
completed. Anticipated completion of the project is the end of September.

CHAP HVAC – Mr. Gladbach reported the HVAC project at CHAP is progressing well. Portions
of the new equipment are working correctly and cooling the building. The ductwork in the multipurpose
area is nearly complete. Also, there has been a minor issue with getting ceiling grid
materials. The contractor is working on getting enough materials to complete the project.

Safety/Security – There were not any updates for safety/security.

Technology – There were not any updates on technology.

Transportation – There were not any updates for Transportation.

Rebates – Mr. Gladbach will contact Lamp Rynearson to follow up on the NDEQ rubber rebates
on the two high school tracks, along with the track at Lewis and Clark.

The Committee requested if Mr. Gladbach could conduct a tour of the buildings that had work
completed over the summer. Mr. Gladbach will work with the Committee to schedule a time. The

Committee adjourned the meeting at 6:30 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for August 19th at
5:30 p.m. and will be held via Zoom.

Board Secretary, Tricia Richards