Bond Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes Bellevue, Nebraska
Official Minutes November 15, 2018

Attendance Others In Attendance
Bill Baldwin Dr. Jeff Rippe
Thomas Birk Ralph Gladbach
John Carozza Doug Cook
Mike Hall Phil Davidson
Sharon Hammarlund Dr. Robert Moore
Doug Yenzer Nikki Schubauer
Mike Parker
Not In Attendance
Jim Hawkins

The meeting began at 6:00 p.m. at Belleaire Elementary.

Technology/Security – Ralph Gladbach reported on behalf of Greg Boettger, Director of Facilities and
Technology that work has begun on the safety/security at the BPS Support Center. At this time there were
not any other updates on technology.

Pay Requests – The following pay requests will be submitted to the Board for approval at the December
3rd Board of Education meeting.

Betz Elementary (Lueder)                   $143,381.88
Bellevue East High HVAC (Lueder)   $633,501.00

Leonard Lawrence and the Bellevue East North Gym roofing projects have been completed and are just
awaiting the final warranty information.

Bertha Barber Roof – At the October Oversight Meeting, Mr. Gladbach shared the roof work was
completed at Bertha Barber with the final punch list being compiled. Also, Mr. Gladbach held a
discussion with Bradco Company and they have finalized a cost for the roof due to a few damage claims
from various roof leaks that occurred during the roof work.

Betz Roof – The contractor has finished the piping work that needed to be completed. Mr. Gladbach is
working on the final closeout and the warranty inspection.

Bellevue East 2018-19 Roof Projects – The roof over the upper penthouse area and the front entry of the
building still need to be completed. The contractor is working with building administration for
scheduling the work over the front entry roof that should be completed by year end.

Bellevue East HVAC – Work continues on phase 3 second floor D-wing of the HVAC project. Mr.
Gladbach met with Lueder Construction to begin planning for future phases. The band room work has
been scheduled to begin December 18th with the completion approximately in mid-January. The
auditorium currently is scheduled to be done the summer of 2019. The 3rd floor phase will start after the
first of the year with 6 classrooms being worked on at a time. This lead to a discussion of possibly
converting the Freshman commons into two permanent classrooms. Mr. Gladbach will work with Lueder
Construction on the cost. This would help with safety/security for the building. The Committee concurred
this would be within the scope of the bond, but want to make sure this is a priority item. It was also
discussed the district could use the building and site fund, then reimburse the fund if money remains once
all other bond projects are completed.

Avery Projects – The Avery life safety/HVAC project has been completed. There was an issue with the
fire alarm verbiage, so Mr. Gladbach is working with the fire contractor to make sure the fire alarms are
meeting the requirements.

Betz Project – The majority of the work has been completed for the installation of the new VRF system
at Betz. Work is scheduled to be completed after the first of the year.

Peter Sarpy Project – Work has been substantially completed on the life safety/HVAC project at Peter
Sarpy. The Commissioning Agent is handling a few ventilation issues that have been found. The final
punch list work is ongoing with closeout work being planned.

Bellevue West Stadium Lighting – Work has been completed on the new lighting at the Bellevue West
Stadium. The final inspection has been completed by the State of Nebraska Electrical Inspector. Mr.
Gladbach is awaiting the certificate.

Track Projects – Mr. Gladbach presented cost estimates on fees/direction from two potential civil
engineering groups for the repairs of both high school tracks and the three middle school tracks. After a
discussion with the Oversight Committee, Mr. Gladbach will get a revised cost estimate to reflect the
resurface with a crumb rubber at the high schools and to have a separate line item for the repairs on the
middle school tracks.

Bleachers – The replacement of the bleachers at Bellevue West has been completed. Also, the new
bleachers at Mission will be installed December 10th – 15th. Finally, Logan Fontenelle will not have the
bleachers replaced until spring break which is in March, 2019.

Logan Chiller – The purchase order for the Smardt Chiller and sound blankets have been submitted. The
request for proposal will be sent out in the next few weeks.

Transportation – Dr. Jeff Rippe spoke on behalf of Rich Casey, Transportation Director who was unable
to attend the meeting. Mr. Casey will ask at the December 3rd Board meeting for feedback from the
Board on the possibility of purchasing propane buses, which would only be for the smaller buses. If
approved, Mr. Casey will solicit bids for both diesel and propane buses to be presented at the January,
2019 Board meeting.

OPPD Rebates – Mr. Gladbach shared he will not receive feedback on the OPPD rebates until the Spring
of 2019.

Birchcrest Projects – Mr. Gladbach presented a 30-year life cycle cost analysis on a VRF system for
Birchcrest that was prepared by Advanced Engineering Systems (AES). The system will be similar to
what has been installed at the other elementary schools. Also, Mr. Gladbach will proceed with a
commissioning agent to overlook the project.

Birchcrest Roof – It was approved at the September 10th Board meeting for Mr. Gladbach to prepare the
RFP and to solicit bids for the partial roof replacement at Birchcrest. This project will be completed in the
summer of 2019.

Belleaire Projects – Prior to the Oversight Committee meeting starting, Mr. Gladbach toured the building
with a few of the Committee members to see the damaged windows and other building issues at Belleaire.

The windows on the west section of the building are currently wood and are in desperate need to be
replaced. Mr. Gladbach will add this to the RFP as a separate line item when soliciting bids for the life
safety/HVAC project at Belleaire.

Also, the Committee held a discussion on the donations and funding for the replacement of the
playground equipment at Belleaire. Bond proceeds will not be used for this project. Funding will come
from the BPS Foundation, PTA fundraisers, a donation from the Bellevue Elementary PTA, and private

Mr. Gladbach will start soliciting bids for the 2019 partial roof replacements in January, 2019.

The Committee adjourned the meeting at 7:27 p.m. The December Bond Oversight Meeting has been
cancelled, so the next meeting will be January 17th at Birchcrest Elementary.

Board Secretary, Tricia Richards