Bond Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes Bellevue, Nebraska
Official Minutes August 13, 2019

Attendance Others In Attendance
Thomas Birk Dr. Jeff Rippe
John Carozza Ralph Gladbach
Sharon Hammarlund Amber Dembowski
Mike Parker Doug Cook
Doug Yenzer
Not in Attendance:
Bill Baldwin
Mike Hall
Jim Hawkins

The meeting began at 6:00p.m. at the Central Elementary.

Bellevue East Auditorium – Greg Boettger, Director of Facilities and Technology was unable to attend
the meeting, so Mr. Gladbach gave an update on his behalf. For the Bellevue East auditorium new stage
shell, there are additional counterweights that need to be purchased in the amount of $9,715.87 from
Omaha Stage. Mr. Boettger will ask the Board to approve the purchase at the September 9th Board

Bellevue East Pool – The current filter on the pool at Bellevue East is in need of being replaced before
the swim season begins. Also, the district would like to purchase a UV system that is similar to the
system being used at the Lied Activity Center. Having a UV system was determined as part of the
assessment that was done prior to the bond. This was highly recommended for Bellevue East. The new

CTE Building and Storage Unit – Dr. Rippe reported the agreement will be finalized on August 20th for
the Career and Technical Education/Storage facility. The district will then start to move items to the
storage area and begin work on the remodel for the new career and technical part of the facility.

2020 Projects – Mr. Gladbach shared the chiller at Fairview Elementary that was slated to be replaced in
the future, has been moved ahead of the original schedule. Over the summer the unit has completely went
out. The administration plans to install 2 new compressors, then replace the chiller over the winter
months. A chiller unit has been pre-purchased through Trane. The district will be soliciting bids for the
mechanical package as a separate project. Once bids are received for the compressors, information will be
shared with the Oversight Committee and presented to the Board for approval at the September 9th Board

Past Projects – The projects at Betz and Peter Sarpy have been closed out. Optimized Systems will
monitor the building systems and AES will be providing a utility cost analysis for the buildings from the
last year to Mr. Gladbach.

Pay Requests – The following pay requests will be submitted to the Board for approval at the September
9th Board of Education meeting.

Bellevue East High HVAC (Lueder)                             $253,938.80
Bellevue East Gym Roof (Bradco)                                $146,271.60
Bertha Barber Roof (Bradco)                                        $12,300.00
Birchcrest Roof (Mejia)                                                 $57,155.54
East/West/Lewis and Clark Track (Midwest)          $28,063.28
Mission Track (Nemaha)                                              $88,596.40
Logan Fontenelle Track (Nemaha)                             $239,109.63

Bellevue East HVAC – Mr. Gladbach reported the HVAC project is nearly completed at Bellevue East
with some adjustments to the controls. The entire project is anticipated to be completed by late
September, 2019.

Bellevue East Main Gym Roof – The flat roof area is nearly completed. The flashing work for the
perimeter has yet to be started.

Bellevue East Roof – The flat roof has been completed, except for the perimeter trim work. Also, work
still remains around the penthouse, which is being coordinated with the HVAC contractor.

Track Projects – Mr. Gladbach reported all the new tracks have been completed. Minor ground work
and sprinklers around the track at Mission is being completed. The entire project is anticipated to be
completed by the end of August.

Central Project – The VRF units at Central are cooling the building with minor adjustments to the
controls. Final start-up work is being done on the RTU’s that will be completed by mid-August.
Renovations to the front desk area are nearly completed, along with additional safety/security upgrades to
the front vestibule.

Central Roof Project – The roof work by 10 Men Roofing Company was completed prior to the start of
the school year. The final trim work needs to be completed around the perimeter, which will not impact
students or activities at Central.

Belleaire Project – The new windows for Belleaire have been installed. Phase 1 of the VRF project has
been completed and the classrooms are cooled. Final work for the main RTU’s in the main office and
gym will be completed by mid-August. Also, the replacement of the lightning will be completed over the
weekend so there will not be any impact to students.

Birchcrest Project – Mr. Gladbach shared all the VRF units have been installed at Birchcrest and are
working properly to cool the building. There is still work that needs to be done in the main office, media
center and gym areas. The classrooms were all completed prior to the start of the school year. Mr.
Gladbach will work with the building administration and contractor for scheduling to coordinate the
completion of these projects.

Dr. Rippe discussed with the Committee the district received three bids for an overlay for the lower
playground area at Birchcrest. This was already in need of being completed, but due to the damage from
the construction materials, it will be done ahead of scheduled. Mr. Boettger will share the bids with the
Committee, then ask the the Board to accept the bid at the September 9th Board meeting.

Birchcrest Roof Replacement – Mejia Roofing Company has completed the roofing project at
Birchcrest, along with the metal trim work prior to the start of the school year.

Logan Fontenelle Roof Replacement – Mejia Roofing Company has completed the roof at Logan
Fontenelle, with final trim work needing to be finished. This work will not impact students.

Logan Fontenelle HVAC – This project continues to be delayed until the summer of 2020.

Lied Activity Center Pool – At the August 5th Board meeting the bid was approved for New Wave Pools
& Spa Inc. in the amount of $600,000 for the pool renovation project at the Lied Activity Center. Mr.
Gladbach is working with the contractor to expedite the work to be completed by the end of October, so
there will be minimal impact to students and the public.

Bellevue East Field Lighting – The poles and lights for Bellevue East field have been installed and are
fully functioning for all activities and sports. The building administration is working with Musco Lighting
on control options. The administration will ask for approval at the September Board meeting to use bond
funds for this project.

Bellevue East Baseball Field Lighting – The Board approved the purchase of new lighting for the
baseball field at Bellevue East. At the September Board meeting the administration will ask for approval
to use bond funds for this project.

Bellevue East New Classrooms – The two new classrooms have been completed at Bellevue East and
are in full use.

Transportation – Dr. Rippe reported the district has received 7 propane buses, along with the new
propane station has been installed at the Transportation lot.

OPPD Rebates – There were not any updates at this time.

Website Review – There have not been any revisions to the BPS Bond website.

The Committee adjourned the meeting at 6:46 p.m. The next meeting will be September 25th at Logan
Fontenelle. At the conclusion of the meeting Mr. Gladbach gave Committee members a tour of Central to
observe the projects that were completed over the summer.

Board Secretary, Tricia Richards