Bond Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes Bellevue, Nebraska
Official Minutes August 16, 2018

Attendance Others In Attendance
Bill Baldwin Dr. Robert Moore
Tom Birk Ralph Gladbach
John Carozza Doug Cook
Sharon Hammarhund Greg Boettger
Mike Hall
Not In Attendance
Mike Parker
Jim Hawkins
Doug Yenzer

The meeting began at 6:00 p.m. at Betz Elementary.

Technology and Safety/Security – Greg Boettger, Director of Facilities and Technology reported the
district is waiting for the iPads to be delivered that were previously ordered. Also, the district is about
85% complete with updating the safety/security in the buildings. Mr. Boettger shared the vestibule at
Logan Fontenelle is almost complete and Mission is waiting for the wiring for data to be completed. A
big thank you to the district carpenters for handling these projects.

Leonard Lawrence Roof – Ralph Gladbach from GP Architecture reported the punch list for the roof at
Leonard Lawrence has been completed. They are waiting for the warranty inspection and paperwork to
be completed.

Bellevue East North Gym – The work has been completed on the roof over the Bellevue East north gym.
Mr. Gladbach is waiting for the final roof inspection and warranty information.

Pay Requests – The following pay requests will be submitted to the Board for approval at the September
10th Board of Education meeting.

Peter Sarpy (Lueder) $1,560,594.51
Betz (Lueder) $378,058.50
Avery (Lueder) $492,795.00
Bellevue East HVAC (Lueder) $832,287.60
Bellevue East Roof (McCoy) $90,000.00
Bellevue East Pool (Trophy) $24,295.00 (Final payment)
Bertha Barber (Bradco) $108,900.00
Wake Robin (Mejia) $100,000.00 (Final payment)
Miscellaneous Roofs (Mejia) $5,500.00 (Final payment)

Bertha Barber – Work on the roof at Bertha Barber was originally scheduled to begin on June 9th. There
was a delay due to manufacturer issues and delivery. Bradco Company did not begin work until July 23rd
on the replacement of the roof. The contractor has been working outside of school hours so there is not
any disruption to students learning throughout the day.

Betz – Mejia Roofing has completed the roof at Betz. They are working with Lueder Construction to
finish a few minor items. The final punch list needs to be completed along with the final warranty
inspection by the roofing manufacturer field representative.

Wake Robin – Work on the roof at Wake Robin has been completed. The final punch list and warranty
inspection still need to be completed.

Miscellaneous Roof Projects – The miscellaneous roof projects at Mission, Twin Ridge, Peter Sarpy and
LeMay have all been completed.

Bellevue East Main Gym – Bradco Company has delayed the start of the replacement of the roof over
the main gym area at Bellevue East until the summer of 2019. This was due to issues with material
access and contractor coordination.

Bellevue East 2018-19 Roof Project – McCoy Roofing has completed the flat roof replacement over the
auditorium and south wing at Bellevue East. The contractor has moved to the next section of the roofing

Bellevue East HVAC Project – Phase 1 of the project has been completed from the five different wing
areas that were worked on this summer. Teachers and students were able to get into classrooms prior to
the school year beginning. Thank you to the custodial staff for helping the contractor get the building
ready for students. Phase 2 of the project is underway, which will be working in approximately 6

Bellevue West Stadium – Mr. Gladbach held a pre-construction meeting with Jon Schwartz from
ProTech Electrical the week of August 8th. The materials have been delivered to the field and work
should begin August 20th pending weather conditions. The project should be completed in approximately
four weeks. ProTech Electrical is coordinating with the school administration to keep students out of the
area and to keep the existing system in operation while the work is ongoing.

Bellevue East Pool – Trophy Construction completed the Bellevue East pool project at the end of July.
The starting blocks arrived on site the week of August 13th and should be installed in the next few weeks.
There are a few minor items around the pool that also will be completed.

Tracks – There has been a delay in receiving the plans from the civil engineer that was brought on to
complete the track projects. Once Mr. Gladbach has more information from the engineer he will
communicate with the Bond Oversight Committee.

Bleachers – The Board awarded the contract to Heartland Seating for the install of the new bleachers in
the middle school gymnasiums. The contractor is coordinating installs with each building, but are
planning to have the work completed during the holiday break in December/January.

Tentatively at Bellevue West the bleachers are scheduled to be installed beginning October 20th which
will take approximately three weeks to complete. The goal is to have the bleacher project completed prior
to the start of the basketball season.

Lied Activity Center Flooring – Mr. Gladbach reported Kiefer Construction has begun the work to
replace the Lied Activity Center athletic flooring. This project should be completed by the end of August.

Scoreboards – All the middle school scoreboards have been installed and are working. The contractor
will work with building administration for training on the new scoreboards.

Logan Fontenelle Chiller – Mr. Boettger gave a brief update on the replacement of the Logan Fontenelle
chillers. The district will continue to use a temporary chiller until a final decision is made on what type of
chiller to purchase for the building. Mr. Boettger has been completing due diligence on a few different
types of chillers and will meet with Mike Parker from the Bond Oversight Committee to get feedback on
the different options. More information will be shared at the next Bond Oversight Committee meeting.

Transportation – The district will ask the Board in the near future for approval to purchase additional
buses/white fleet. We are still waiting for the buses that were ordered in 2018.

OPPD Rebates – AES has taken the lead in researching what rebates are available for the VRF system
and lighting through OPPD.

Bond Website – Mr. Gladbach is working on updating the reporting on the website.

2019 Projects – The district will ask the Board for approval at the September 10th Board meeting for GP
Architecture to prepare the RFP and solicit bids for the life safety/HVAC upgrades at Birchcrest,
Belleaire, Central, and Logan Fontenelle. Also, to prepare the RFP and to solicit bids for the partial roof
replacements at Birchcrest, Central and Logan Fontenelle.

The Committee adjourned the meeting at 7:20 p.m. The next Bond Oversight Meeting will be held on
September 18th at Avery.

Mr. Gladbach gave the Committee a tour of Betz to see the work that was completed over the summer.

Board Secretary, Tricia Richards