Bond Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes Bellevue, Nebraska
Official Minutes June 15, 2017

Attendance Others In Attendance
 Bill Baldwin  Ralph Gladbach
 Tom Birk Greg Boettger
 John Carozza  Tricia Richards
 Mike Hall
 Sharon Hammarlund
 Jim Hawkins
 Mike Parker
 Doug Yenzer

The meeting began at 6:00 p.m. at Twin Ridge Elementary School.

Ralph Gladbach from GP Architecture gave an update on the projects taking place at Bertha Barber, Twin Ridge and LeMay Elementary Schools.

Bertha Barber – Work is underway with the safety/security and wireless. Mr. Gladbach has met with the contractor and the project is on track at this point.

Twin Ridge – With Twin Ridge having an elevator and changes to the elevator codes, Mr. Gladbach is waiting for approval from the Fire Marshal/State Elevator Inspector before proceeding with the elevator project. O’Keefe Elevator will be handling the upgrades in the mechanical room to accommodate the electrical panels with the elevator. There has been a delay receiving the fin tubes needed for the heating project due to manufacturer production schedules. The contractor will have the fin tube installed before the school year begins, but will have crews there connecting and wiring in the off hours if not completed by the start of school. There will not be any additional charge for the project. The gym lighting has been completed and will be done is the other 2 buildings as well. Mr. Gladbach anticipates the air conditioning will be running again by mid-July.

LeMay – The fire sprinkler system is partially finished. Adjustments were made to the planned fire sprinkler installation due to the request of the Fire Marshal. Mechanical equipment will be delivered the last week of June and air conditioning should be up and running by mid-July.

Bellevue West field turf is complete and in full use with activities.

Bellevue East field turf project was started at the end of May. There were a few areas where the drainage pipes within the field were repaired. The project is still on track to be completed by July 14.

Roofing – The Board approved at the May Board meeting for Mr. Gladbach to go out for bids for roof replacement packages for partial roof replacements at Bellevue West and Leonard

Lawrence. So far there have been 8 contractors interested in the projects. Bids are due on June 21st for Leonard Lawrence and June 22nd for Bellevue West. A recommendation to accept a contractors bid will be made at the July Board meeting. Mr. Gladbach gave an updated on what needs to be completed at each building for the partial replacements.

Pay Requests – Mr. Gladbach has received the pay request from LeMay and Bellevue East/West field turfs to be paid. These will be presented to the Board for approval in July.

Bellevue East HVAC Request for Qualifications – There were 10 firms that submitted RFQ’s for the engineering services for the Bellevue East HVAC system updates. The selection committee will be interviewing 5 of those firms on June 28th. A recommendation will be made to the Board at the July 10th Board meeting.

Mr. Gladbach will be recommending a 3rd party commissioning agent to the Board for approval at the July 10th Board meeting. This vendor was also used for the Bellevue West HVAC system update 4 years ago. Request for Proposals does not need to be completed.

Greg Boettger gave an update on the roof analysis report that was completed on each building. There are more issues than anticipated. Mr. Boettger will review the report and prioritize the buildings. There will be 3 buildings, along with Bellevue East that will be completed next summer.

Mr. Boettger also gave a technology update on devices and the wireless system.

Safety/Security updates were given for Leonard Lawrence. It has been found that kids have been climbing onto the roof of the building. This a safety issue and the district is addressing it with camera’s being focused on certain areas. Prime will be submitting a bid that will be presented to the Board at the July meeting.

Transportation – Rich Casey was unable to attend the meeting, but the district had an emergency with the HVAC van. Mr. Casey went out for bid to replace the van that was budgeted and scheduled to be replaced in 2018. The district accepted the bid from Woodhouse Plattsmouth.

An update was given on the vehicles purchased last fall. The white fleet vans should arrive early July, along with the buses arriving by mid-August.

BPS Bond Website – Mr. Gladbach continues to update the website with news and pictures of the projects for each building.

The Committee took a tour of Twin Ridge to see the new chiller system, the gym lighting, and how the safety/security improvements will be completed.

The Committee adjourned the meeting and tour at 7:25 p.m. It was decided to cancel the July meeting, but Mr. Gladbach will send updates to the Committee as needed. The next Bond Oversight Committee will be will Thursday, August 17th.


Board Secretary, Tricia Richards